More Paid Fast Pass Rumors

This article has been showing up in a few places today:

What interest me is the belief that this could included in the Disney Genie.


I don’t see how they’ve made the leap from Martin’s comments and being tied to Genie. There’s no new information here.

The writer could have his reasons, but his info is tenuous. For a start, Martin does not “go by the name of Martin”. Although he links to a post of his, he could at least have credited him properly. Unless of course he didn’t actually bother to check his facts and source. Thie writer could easily have contacted him and done a proper interview.

I believe you are a member of that forum too? I honestly don’t feel like there is any new info here. The references to March 2019 are just one of the recent times when these rumors began again? We all know Disney is heading in this direction. I remember a few months ago when everyone was confident that KtP had info on this?

I don’t think the connection of paid fast passes to the Genie is much of a stretch- do you? Am I right that the Genie is expected to be a paid app/service?

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I read the article earlier and there doesn’t seem to be any new information. Paid FP may or may not be coming. But the last discussion with this person’s name mentioned said that it was supposed to start with the opening SWGE. And that didn’t happen. So I’ll take it with a grain of salt until there is something official.

I remember when we were supposed to eventually pay for Disney Magical Express and instead, we’re paying for resort parking.


Just for reference , the blog post is referencing the March rumors:

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This is my rule of thumb with all things in life. No sense in worrying about something unless it’s a for sure thing


I agree with a lot of what’s said here: the article I just read awhile ago before seeing this thread had NO info at all. It just said that this might be happening at some point. I was unimpressed.

I don’t know much about Genie, other than it will suggest attractions and “plan” them for you, a hybrid between their suggested itineraries on the website and TP.

But paid FPs would presumably be just like the Club Level FPs, so would fit fine into the current FP system.

I just don’t see that the article has any new info about the rumour at all. It was put on hold when they decided to use a virtual queue for Galaxy’s Edge, but is still in the pipeline.

Blog #2 this week

Of course, if you read to the end, you get this:


I think it ha small been speculation in part over the last couple of years. Of course it is also based on the fact that as many “insiders” will tell you- paid FPs have been part of the plan for quite some time.