More odd behaviors on mobile

@david I don’t mean to keep adding to your list (sorry!), but my wife has been having several oddities lately. They are using Chrome on an Android device.

  1. In this image you’ll see that the posts are out of order. This seems to happen periodically

  2. In this image, it is hard to show, but they are always stuck on 181/182.

  3. For some reason when they heart a post, they can no longer see who else hearted that post. They can see other ones in the thread that they did not heart.

  4. They also get the autoscroll bug when they scroll down through a thread, but sometimes the thread stops loading and they can’t scroll any further until they reload the page.

  5. They’ve occasionally gotten errors that there are too many requests from their IP. Usually a refresh will fix this.

  6. The ads somes create huge blank spaces under the ad. Ads are also so frequent that it is hard to read a thread since they can be as frequent as every other post.

I think they’ve hit more issues, but these are the ones I can recall them getting frustrated about. Normally a bug here and there isn’t a big deal, but lately they’ve hit all at once.

My concern is that if it is happening to her then it could be happening to others, but they don’t (or know how to) report them.


Thanks for mentioning this because in work this week I noticed something was out of order. A post with a quote posted above the post that was quoted. I remember thinking that was impossible, but had to get back to work.

I was on an iPhone


About 3 times this summer I’ve selected a thread and gotten a separate screen telling me “you don’t have access to that [information, I think].”

On my android phone.

I figure it’s my lousy wifi speed and being on the side of the 5g antenna cone.

When I try again, all is good.


I sometimes get that same error when I try to heart a post.


This most often happens when you switch between browsers or if your connection is stale. As you said, refreshing should fix it.

Yes, that’s happened to me several times recently.

Thanks for logging this. Did these issues all start once ads were enabled on Thursday?

Not all of these sound ad-related, but they could be. We may be able to adjust the in-line ad frequency.

Let me know if you hear of anything else, please.

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In this example it showed that Dreamer and janamelia had the exact same post - no quoting. When she refreshed it changed Dreamer’s post to something else.

This example shows the same post twice.

And another case of posts that are out of order.

Refreshing will fix one issue, but they have to refresh again in the same thread to fix the next issue. So a single refresh doesn’t fix everything.


The autoscroll has happened for a while and seems to be related to how the forum loads posts in a thread.

I don’t know if all were after the ads were enabled, but that does line up with when she started mentioning the issues to me.

Just adding this unique thread to this thread so it isn’t missed.

Heh. I never even saw that reply to me. It wasn’t in my notifications even though it was a direct reply to me. That’s weird.

I think that loading issue was included in another thread a while back? I know I posted a screen shot I think last week?

I was just linking the two threads

I just think we might be at least at three? Although I just looked and when pages refused to load for me it told me I was moving too fast and I had to wait 4 seconds. Waiting did not help.

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They can’t see what they are typing.



They gotta figure this out. I know they are working on it.

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Wow. That’s so crazy. That’s totally her post under my name.

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The bug for random ads for subscribers is annoying, but not a big deal. The bugs dealing with ads that seem to be plaguing non-subscribers is making the forum almost unusable. I’m hoping that the screenshots and descriptions will help them figure it out.


The ads within a topic should have be disabled yesterday, leaving the top and bottom ones, plus the little video ad.

Has this improved the scrolling experience for anyone?

The reply box on mobile should be better now.