More help please

My DD HATED Hagrid’s; she cried for most of the ride. She really liked Gringotts.

Are there other rides we should maybe avoid? How’s The Mummy?

Oh - and we have no plans to even attempt VelociCoaster, Hulk, Rip Ride Rocket, or Doctor Doom’s Fearfall.

Thank you for any suggestions.

What was disliked about Hagrids? What did she like about Gringotts? I feel like Mummy is halfway between the two rides.


How old is DD? I’m going in Feb for our first time and I have 9 year old. She rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train a couple of years ago at MK. I’m not sure how Hagrid’s compares to that.

Hagrid’s is a super fun ride, but NOTHING like SDMT. It’s way more intense.

DD said she hated everything about Hagrid’s, but I think the speed, the fear of the incline right before you go backwards, actually going backwards, and that drop were the worse.


She didn’t think Gringotts was scary? She doesn’t like that first fast part, but knows it’s over quickly and the rest of the ride is okay.

Well, you go backwards on the mummy, and it can get a bit scary (like horror scary) for some who are sensitive to that kind of stuff. Also, there are 2 parts that are much faster/wilder than Gringotts.

Thank you for the info!

I’m going to tell her and let her make the final decision, but maybe we’ll sit that one out too.

Mummy is going to be intense for her. There are launches in the dark and scary imagery. I’d compare it to Rock n roller coaster at WDW, if that helps


Don’t miss Forbidden Journey. It’s not as intense as Hagrid’s, and the motion is nothing like a roller coaster.

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My son adored all the UOR roller coasters. Forbidden Journey was the only ride he didn’t like in both parks. He didn’t like being in his cubby/booth seat which cut him off from us.

He also doesn’t like spiders very much. So seeing multiple giant ones on the ride were a problem for him. He is generally a fearless kid so his unhappiness caught us by surprise.