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It keeps on getting better.

Entertainment returning to AK. Including the Tam Tam drummers.

Movie Magic returns to DHS and the Indy Stunt Show is returning just before Christmas.

Princesses return to MK.

Boardwalk entertainers are back.

And more! Still hoping for Citizens of Hollywood, British Revolution, GF orchestra (somewhere) and a few others. But fab news. :heart::heart::heart:



(Is it bad that my first thought upon reading this was that ok, we’re are definitely going to get a Genie+ date and price list any day now???)


So exciting!!!

And ……

Strong suggestions that FoF will return, possibly early next year but maybe earlier. Not official yet.


THAT would be a game changer! Crowding cannot be any different than the evening shows.

Me wants Fantasmic though!!! Is the Disney Movie Magic any good?

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You’ve been more recently than me lol! :wink:

Disney Movie Magic is the nighttime projection show, I think itbwas fairly well received.

I’m sure Fantasmic will be coming back, there’s still@ lot of infrastructure work happening in the arena though.

And I’m not sure the Disney Food Blog is the best source ever, but they’re saying Jelly Rolls is opening October 15th.


:joy: true! But none of the night shows were running last we went. And when we went in 2019 we only did HEA. Oh how I wish we had done one last Illuminations and Fantasmic.

I just booked a 9:25pm Oga’s Cantina, so maybe we could catch the Disney Movie Magic show and then make our way back to Galaxy’s Edge.

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I talked to a Signature Services CM this morning and she said she can’t imagine it’s imminent since they have zero information. I suspect she has more faith in Disney preparing the phone lines than I do. We’re getting notice this or next week and it’s starting the last week of October. I’m calling it now (and crying internally since that’s our visit).

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That has been reported on a few different blogs. The entertainers announced it a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, I knew they were coming back, wasn’t sure if the date was set.

Wow! Character meets! That’s huge. Granted, not in their intended form. But still.

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I was surprised at Universal to see the outdoor character meets running


The Pirate Adenture at MK has re-opened.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I am so excited for all of the little things coming back!


OP’s link said, “Yeehaw Bob will have his audience in stitches of fun starting October 14 in the River Roost Lounge at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside.”

This links says, “…including Yeeha Bob…”

While this is my favorite part of this thread, it cracks me up that nobody can spell Yahaa Bob right. I used to get it wrong all the time, and it’s become a running joke in my family that we pronounce his name “Yee Ha Ah”. :slight_smile:


I blame autocorrect! :grin:

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Jelly Rolls re-opened last night!

So good to see things returning. :heart::heart::heart: