More Dining options re-opening, Woody’s Lunch Box, Crystal Palace, and Tommorrowland Terrace


Beginning Nov. 25, Woody’s Lunch Box

On Dec. 13, The Crystal Palace will reopen its doors,

Just a few days later on Dec. 17, Tomorrowland Terrace, will also reopen.




What he said.


Happy about Woody’s, kinda mad about CP. It’s a tradition to do that restaurant every trip, even though the food has historically been just ok. It won’t open until after we leave. :frowning:

Get a Lemon Blueberry Tart for me!


Crystal Palace without the characters doesn’t quite get me excited, but it’s good to see more things come back


We ate at Chef Mickey’s without characters and it was still fun! And Crystal Palace is SO pretty inside. I think it will be great.

Only downside is we had some GREAT character “meets” with Pooh and Peter Pan over at the Crystal Palace porch. I hope they find another good spot for them!


I fear the tarts are not on the menu…at least initially.

But we’re all about the grilled cheese. I’ve been making a version of it at home for ourselves…now time to see who makes it better. Me? Or Disney?

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Have you seen the new menu? I was looking for it.

I believe the menu posted on Disney’s website is current. No breakfast listed, and limited options. From what Disney has been doing, shortly before they actually the new menu shows up on-line.

That’s not to say it can’t change, though!

This is what the website currently has.

Oh. But the tarts are on there? That’s why I thought you had seen something different.

Well…that was embarassing! :slight_smile:

You’re right. My bad. For some reason I was expecting to see them later in the menu, and totally neglected the very first thing listed!

Uh. Yeah. I’ll just…uh…go sit over here a spell.

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No more totchos. :frowning_face: Was hoping to try them, but we’ll see if they come back at some point before another trip.

We make the grilled cheese at home all the time too. It’s better than Disney’s for sure.

Love those tarts!

I was really hoping to hear that Casey’s Corner would be open by the time we go mid-december. My kids are very picky eaters, but everyone always has something they like at Casey’s. They’re probably going to eat nothing but churros and popcorn anyway. Very excited about Woody’s Lunchbox because we haven’t tried the lunchbox tarts yet and it’s on our list

The nutella one is delish, but I haven’t tried the others yet. We are probably going to get one lemon blueberry and one raspberry and split them.

YAY WOODY’s IS BACK!!! My people will be THRILLED.

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Casey’s Corner was recently “temporarily” converted over into more shopping for the Emporium, so it doesn’t look likely it will be back soon.

I’m so excited for this one!