More difficult reservation?

I’ve been researching which restaurants to reserve for our trip in august. My little one loves Doc and Sofia so we definitely want to do Hollywood & Vine (preferably pre park opening). I’ve been checking out what’s available (I can see up until June). Has anyone who recently made reservations found that H&V has been difficult to get? BOG actually seems to have at least one available time any day that I check but H&V has nothing. Wondering if hats going to be more difficult to get when my 180 window comes.

We’re h&v in February . Didn’t have a hard time getting a res. Good lucky!

How long have you been tracking it? Have they been loading them right away? I know someone was complaining they hadn’t loaded any dinner times for a period of time.

Just for a couple weeks. That may be what it is. I’ve really been looking for breakfast. But maybe it’s possible that they aren’t being released right away?

Sometimes they seem to release a bunch late.

Use the reservation finder if you are able to get one. It checks for you and sends a text when a reservation comes open.

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I can’t agree with tigerjenn enough about utilizing the reservation finder. I’ve done several reservation requests through it and I’ve always gotten a text (usually within a few days) to let me know that the reservation I’m trying to get is now available. You have to act quickly so I recommend using both the text and email options for notification.

I will definitely use it when it comes time if there’s nothing available. Thanks. There’s still nothing after May 14 which seems strange given that all over restaurants have availability.