More Details On The Newest Attraction at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Some good info from TPG on the new Hagrid ride at IOA:


Unfortunately, nothing new…but if you haven’t followed along up to now, worth reading.

What I’m surprised about is, based on the descriptions as to what we’ll expect, the mock-up rendering of the ride I posted a couple weeks back seems to be likely more accurate than I had expected.

Agreed. The one thing that struck me was the height requirement. I had previously heard it described as a “family friendly” ride, due to no inversions, etc. Therefore I was not expecting much of a height requirement, and was surprised to read 48".

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I wasn’t expecting that either and I’m quite pleased! It may be less of a kiddie coaster than I was anticipating.

That’s true…although I suppose given the motorbike aspect of it, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise. Probably harder to design such a coaster to accommodate a wider variety of sides…and they also probably don’t want to have to police making sure the “short kid” ends up in the side-car.

I never thought it would be a kiddie coaster, but “family friendly” does imply it being more accessible.

Overall, though, Universal doesn’t know how to do “family friendly” as well as Disney does.

I am still waiting to hear about express pass. I am booked for December and I will be riding it one way or another.


The words ‘family friendly’ filled me with dread when we lost 2 amazing coasters to build it!

I don’t think it will have EP for our Aug trip but you’ve got a better chance!

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My sister and I already agreed that we are doing it even if it means lining up during early entry.


Yes that’s our plan.

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Well…we lost two coasters, at least. Amazing? Not really. They were rough and had seen better days. Nothing special about them compared to the inverted coasters found pretty much everywhere else. So I think this replacement is a much better alternative, even if it is truly family friendly. A very unique ride experience much better themed to HP…versus Dragon Challenge, which was just kind of rebadged…and not even running in a mode where they face off at all.

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Sure they do - they want you and your family to be friends. You know, the nice sort of friends who patiently wait on a bench while you go on kick-ass rides without them. :smiley:

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It was better when it was Duelling Dragons but they were still great coasters! Everything doesn’t have to be inverted or backwards or in the dark… I never found them rough either. Which is interesting because wasn’t it you who, when I described RRR as rough, said that it was really smooth?

Nothing rough about RRR at all, so probably so.

Inverts tend to be rough by design, though. Even some of the best ones toss you around quite a bit. As they age they become more so. I was shocked when King’s Island opened Banshee. Smoothest Invert I’ve ever been on.

I don’t think Dragon Challenge was OVERLY rough. Only that it was rough in the way aging inverts tend to be. And while they were fine coasters, without the dueling nature, they were, as I said, just like any invert I can ride in any amusement park around the country. Had they stayed, I would ride them. But I’m glad they were replaced with something extremely original…which is what I’d expect from Universal in general as it competes more and more with Disney.

Oh. Okay. Well, that makes more sense, then. :wink:

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The first thing it says about RRR in the UG is how rough it is! It literally leaves me with bruised ears. I think we decided that it was because of our differing heights.

I like original, but if I’m on a coaster I want it to be a proper coaster. It doesn’t necessarily have to go upside down but I do enjoy being thrown about. Wicker Man at Alton Towers (my nearest theme park) is good for that - it’s a wooden coaster, no loops but it’s fast and you’re in no doubt you’ve been on a ride!

Could be. I actually rode it a few times our last trip and specifically paid attention. I couldn’t call it rough. But I’m 5’ 10", so body size may play a factor. I always ride hands up the entire time! Play either “Rainbow Connection” or “Movin’ Right Along”. :slight_smile:

Upside down is fine, but as i’ve gotten older, I prefer NOT going upside down too much. Starts to make me dizzy! But I love me some good air time! I see that Wicker Man is a Great Coasters International coaster (GCI). I love GCI coasters. They do an awesome job.

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Me too. I am 5ft 6in and the last time I rode it, it was painful in the ear area.

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I ride hands up, maybe I need to hold on :joy: Wicker Man is so much fun. And it has a really low height restriction! So maybe I’m talking myself out of my original point.