More Candy at MNSSHP

Because, you know, that bag of about three pounds per person was sooo skimpy?

My tummy just said “the more the merrier”

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What is the special treat mentioned??? I gotta know!

It’s been a few years since we’ve done MNSSHP, we might do it this year, but I don’t remember it being that much candy actually. Not that it was our main draw…but I don’t remember thinking “what are we going to do with all this candy”. It was more like “oh look, 13 different pieces of candy that i trotted all over the park to get.”

We’ve done the party at WDW and at DLR and each time my kids have filled 2+ bags apiece with mild effort. About halfway through the party, helpings got silly generous. With 4 kids plus DH and I, we hit overload. The idea of more scares me.

It depends on when you leave and how much time you spend going to the trick or treat balloons. If you leave before 10 PM and hit some of the balloons, you’ll probably end up with maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of the bag filled. If you stay until the end of the night, as you leave the park, they fill your bag completely.

I got a peep as I walked out last year


A good strategy may be to start collecting in the last hour or two. That way you’re not hauling candy around and that’s when the CM’s are more generous