More AK or more MK? Help planning days

Would you do…?

Plan A: 1.5 days at MK and 1 full/split day of AK
Plan B: .5 day of AK and 2 full/split days of MK

No hoppers, the half day would be our arrival day. Kids are 5 and 8, flight lands at noon and we are staying at AKL, so hoping to start hitting park around 3:30 or 4.

I had planned for Plan A, but am now rethinking going to Plan B, especially as I don’t think my kids will ride EE, or PW, and Dinosaur will be closed, etc, so there’ll be less at AK that they want to do. I’m just nervous about changing those two days at this point (28 days out).

My kids are younger (1 & 2) they won’t sit through too many shows so we only end up doing one, KS and a M&G and end up doing AK as a half day. MK has SOO much to do esp for kids your age. I’d go to plan B.

I think it depends on your family. I spent a 1\2 day in AK my last trip and we did not do one attraction! We watched the Merk Rats, listened to music, walked the trails…it was a wonderful day!

How old are your kids? We aren’t usually animal people, but there are so many animals to see. We usually do the Safari twice, and walk both animal trails once. The KRR is a favourite, as well. We have seen Lion King a few times, so I don’t need to see that again, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s a lot of acrobatic stuff. You might enjoy it.

There’s also the rides down by the Dinosaur which are more like carnival rides. The kids might like those. Mouse Gears is a fun rollercoaster. Also, if the Flights of Wonder is on, you can check out the bird show.

With arriving in the afternoon, will you get a chance to see the Rivers of Light show at all?

I saw 2 days at MK. It has far more attractions that AK for any age. Plus, since you are staying at AKL you will already be getting to see some of the animals.

Thanks, everyone. I was really stressing about this yesterday, and I realized on my way home from work that part of the stress was worrying about rushing through thingsn in our first evening. My park plans are set at an easy pace, and by changing up my days, I was going to mess with that. I decided I’d rather an easy, light day at AK than a super rushed, busy evening where we are exhausted and can’t enjoy the next day because we’re so tired.

So, I’m going to stick with Plan A (which is what all my FPPs are already set for), and take an evening of MK with Adventureland and Frontierland, then a full/split day of AK. Our full day of MK later in the trip will hit Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

Though now I am wondering if I should just bite the bullet and do a park hopper, in case we are super done at AK and want to add some MK that evening or something.

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I love the flexibility of a PH but you can always add it when you are there.

Yeah. DD8 basically started this whole thing by begging for a water park day. Now I’m crunching number to decide if I want to do Park only plus 1 day waterpark tickets ($242 more than originally planned), Park plus waterpark and more ($242 + $30), or Hopper with waterpark ($242 + $162).


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