Moonlight Magic?

Did anyone go to Moonlight Magic on 3/17? I’d love to hear experiences. We’re scheduled to go on 3/31.

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@Dreamer went to MM. Here is her review (not positive)

(We Don’t Talk About Rope Drop, No, No. A UOR and Disney Spring Break Trip Report - #1626 by Dreamer)


Looks like you and I saw this question at the same time! :rofl: :crazy_face: I do have the bookmarked post (1626) linked directly… :smiley:

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Thanks to @ppehap and @darkmite2 for linking to my report.

Feel free to ask me any specific questions you have. I am hoping that the make some changes before the 3/31 event and learn from their mistakes.

I would recommend having a plan especially if you want a popcorn bucket. I would also recommend using some of your snack vouchers at the food booths because redeeming them during the event will be challenging and require a long wait.

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I have a history of MM question: pre-covid could you just show up to the event w/o a reservation?

No. Even pre Covid you had to have a reservation.

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Thanks! I read other reviews and they had the same response. How disappointing!


But don’t be discouraged–things might change. And if you don’t want the silly popcorn bucket it will make for a better evening. Use some snack vouchers during the regular park hours. Hit up some rides during the event. See the characters. It could be enjoyable.

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Thanks, I couldn’t remember.

Thanks, @Dreamer! We’re running the 5k at 10 that night, so we might not even make it there. So, snack vouchers can be used before the event starts?

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Yes, the vouchers can but only at very specific spots. You can check in starting at 2 pm if you have a park reservation and ticket for the day or at 6 pm if you don’t. You will get your vouchers then. We used some of our vouchers for F&G food booths (but not any in the countries oddly enough). And I’m so glad we did because using the vouchers during the event involved crazy long lines.

Great suggestion! And I do like seeing what rare characters are out and about!

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Why did that create such a backup? Someone suggested they could have/should have just handed them out to guests at the entrance, not unlike how they hand out trick or treat bags at the Halloween events. Then, if you wanted to fill them with popcorn, you could wait in a line for that.

I honestly don’t get all the rage, anyway. I do have one popcorn bucket that someone graciously picked up for me and shipped my way, but if I hadn’t gotten it it would not have been the end of the world and if it had had an 8 hour wait in line I would have passed on it (and/or told my person to pass on it) without a second thought.

And as an editorial remark, I’m a little grossed out by all of the complaining people have done about a FREE EVENT that Disney/DVC is under no obligation to provide. It feels so gross and entitled to me. Of course, I wasn’t there - maybe it was actually that bad.


The characters were the highlight of the evening for us.

Poor planning.

Exactly what should have done.

I don’t either.

Not necessarily bad just not planned well.