Monsters Inc. during EMH?

Hi folks - sorry if this has been asked already or common knowledge, but I noticed that is showing Monsters Inc. as opening at 7am for EMH (for example, on 4/8). TP website doesn’t seem to list that as one of the DCA rides open for EMH, and when Evaluating a touring plan it doesn’t recognize that ride as available until 8am. Does anyone know if it is indeed open during the extra hour?

I have never seen it open during EMH, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed. Also, it is not a ride I would focus on at that time. There are more impacted rides that I would make sure to ride.

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Thanks very much! I’d seen some folks mention it as a potential ride to hit if waiting for a FP window for a second GotG ride for example, but wasn’t sure if that meant during EMH or after regular opening. Either way it totally makes sense that it’s a ride that can be saved for later anyway. Will check a few other days to see if Disney keeps listing it as an EMH ride. Appreciate the feedback!

During EE, fp windows are not open yet. If you have MaxPass (which I highly recommend) , the once you scan your ticket to get in, you can book your first fp, which the starting return time will be after the park opens to everyone. I agree, even if Monsters Inc is a part of EE, there are much better rides to aim for. Monsters Inc is a cute ride, but waits are not usually too bad throughout the day, especially compared to the other rides open during EE.

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The last time we had DCA EMH (it has been 2 years so plenty could’ve changed) Monsters was not running & we specifically checked as we wanted something to do to fill 5-10 min. time before we exited DCA after spending 45-50 min. of DCA EMH to get lined up for a DL rope drop across the way.

Thanks so much everyone - that helps a lot and clarifies something I’ve been confused about… I’ve read a lot of folks discuss using The Gabe and in some cases I think they were talking about using it during EMH. But many times they discuss getting the second ride of the x2 (TSMMx2 for example) by first booking a MP for that ride, then riding standby, and riding the second ride using MP, then book the next MP, etc.

I guess they must only be talking about using that strategy on days with no EMH (or perhaps after EMH, but I think the TSMMx2 and ICx2 starts the order)? Or does The Gabe’s suggestion of several rides x2 assume that the MP strategy isn’t necessary for multiple consecutive rides during EMH?

Probably just me being even more confused than usual! Either way, great advice and Monsters won’t be on our agenda for EMH - will make sure to focus that time on the more affected rides.

The strategy of the Gabe is to zig to the Pier when everyone & their dog are zagging to Racers FPs and Carsland in general. Circling back to Racers FP once the initial craze has cleared. With MaxPass you can now grab that Racers FP first (but I & many other seasoned Disneyland park-goers don’t recommend it at as your very first selection since you can get 1-2 more immediate ones before locking yourself into a pretty much guaranteed 60-90 min. wait to pull your next MP).

So, in the Gabe you’ll use your MaxPass to select for those 2-3x rides on TSMM/IC, moving on to select a MaxPass for GotG for a 1-2x and then finally landing upon RSR locking yourself into a 90 min. wait before you can select your next MaxPass but with SO much done before 10am (on an 8am opening).

With EMH, you won’t realistically need any Maxpass for multiple rides on TSMM/IC so your first MaxPass should be for GotG. Also note with a Gabe start during EMH: if you’re wanting to the Pixar-Pal-Around, that will have to wait until reg park open anyway, so if you want to get multiple rides on TSMM/ IC get your fill of them plus Jessie’s Critter Carousel (not sure if it operates during EMH, but possibly). Then get on Pixar Pal-Around right at or soon after park opening.

If you won’t want multiple rides of IC/TSMM back-to-back so early in the morning, start at the 2 non-headliner Carsland rides that will build up waits fast & don’t have any option to FP before then heading to the Pier for TSMM/IC/Pixar-Pal-Around. The risk here is that Luigi’s is often down first thing if there is even a hint of moisture in the air bc the trackless ride system can’t operate but you could still get Mater’s knocked out with a very small wait & then head back to the Pier for still low waits on TSMM/IC.

If you don’t care for the Pixar-Pal-Around at all, then after TSMM/IC don’t wait for reg park opening for it to open & you to leave the Pier & instead, on your way to your first MaxPass at GotG, stop in Carsland for Mater’s & Luigi’s.

No matter what, keep an eye on your next MaxPass selection time & grab your next MaxPass as soon as it becomes available.