Monsieur Paul

DH and I were thinking of trying Monsieur Paul for our date night. Good? Bad? Worth the money?

We thought it was excellent for date night, but it was several years ago before the name change. Had a table by the window during Illuminations and nearly had the restaurant to ourselves.

I've eaten there when it was still the Bistro de Paris and it was excellent. A SERIOUS foodie friend of mine who goes to WDW a LOT says the menu and quality before and after are basically identical; it was really a name and decor change. Looking forward to eating there again in Nov!

Good to know. We want to stay in the EP/ BW area for date night and a lo the other signatures look to be mostly steakhouses. We live in TX and steak is a plenty here. Wanted to try something new.

DH and I are huge foodies and we really enjoyed it. We stayed at YC and just wandered over there and back.

We are there on the day it opened 2 years ago and we thought it was terrible, terrible, terrible! We went to Chefs de France for lunch last year and it was excellent!!!!! We loved it and made reservations to go again this year.