Monsieur Paul vs Le Cellier vs Yachtsman?

So I’m calmly reviewing my ADRs and I’m having doubts about Monsieur Paul. It gets patchy reviews. Given that I’m going to Victoria and Albert’s, it may be a disappointment.

I’m staying at BC so I want to eat at Epcot or in the BC/YC/Boardwalk area. I had lunch at Le Cellier last year, so that’s a possibility — though I don’t like the actual restaurant.

Then there’s Yachtsman but it’s had some patchy reviews on TripAdvisor recently.

Any recommendations? Suggestions?

I would trust @bswan and try Monsieur Paul. I am one of those people that had a very disappointing meal at Yachtsman.

FFS Matt, stop second (third, fourth, fifth) guessing everything. :wink:

BTW, I think than any WDW restaurant after eating at V&A will be a disappointment. Especially since you will be dining with the Dowager Countess…


I had a great meal at Yachtsman (better than my experience at Le Cellier, mainly because of the atmosphere) in May 2015. Went to Shula’s (Dolphin) in Feb 2016 and had an even better meal, so that’s another option. DH requested to go back to Shula’s in Nov this year because he liked it so much. Have not tried Monsieur Paul, though, so cannot give an opinion on that one.

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You’ve clearly misunderstood what’s happening here. This is simply a calm review. That’s totally different from second guessing. They’re as different as night and . . . later that night. [© Monica Geller]

I’m in the process of cancelling Monsieur Paul and replacing it — brace yourself — with Les Halles. There’s a reason.

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You’re hilarious.

That is all I have to say about this :joy:

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I had the ribeye at Yachtsman and it was one of, if not the, best steak I have ever had! And our server was amazing. My wife didn’t like her Lobster due to the way it was prepared!

Do not read Trip Advisor!

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It’s your vacation to plan as you wish! I just want to let you know I’m super jealous about Monsieur Paul and Victoria & Albert’s. I wouldn’t dare take my 7 year old into either one of those places!

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Best advice I’ve seen in a long while!


Everyone knows that everything on the internet is true. People don’t lie, you know.


Trip Advisor. Blah. I’m still eating at Yachtsman. I’m staying at BC also, 5/13-5/22. But I’m also eating at Flying Fish one night, Shula’s, Jiko, etc. If there’s one place that has gotten “horrible reviews” lately, it’s Le Cellier. They’re not worth 2 table service credits.

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