I ran into a dilemma during our stay. My 4 year old son loves trains. What better train is there than the Monorail? My wife made us ride the Monorail no matter what. If you are not staying at a Monorail fed resort or park hopping between MK and Epcot and ride the Monorail, it eats a huge chunk of time. Is there any way to incorporate it into a plan? Should you just schedule it as an hour break?

Tough one. Not sure..

I would just schedule it as a break. Are you planning on any ADRs at any of the monorail resorts while at the MK? That might be a nice way to incorporate it without taking a lot of extra time out of your day.

Edited to add: You could also dine at one of the resort quick service restaurants.

NO I didn't. I might on my next visit. Hopefully they have the Monorail out of their system next time.

Monorail snack crawl?


I personally enjoy a random jaunt around the monorail as much as I do the attractions in the parks, espesh if you kid is into trains it may be worth the time it would eat.

There's also the steam train which does circuits of MK (one full round trip is another must do for our family every visit) & the train to/from Rafiki's Planet Watch at AK.


The monorail is my second favorite ride after Soarin.

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