Monorail to connect all four parks

Why won’t Disney add monorail so that all four parks are connected? They can certainly afford it!

They can’t afford to keep the ones they have running consistently.


Yeah, I wouldn’t be keen on adding more monorail to the system. But a light rail (on-ground) system might be feasible. I just don’t see it happening unless the cost of buses skyrockets in comparison - busses are cheaper and much easier to re-allocate to handle peak traffic.

If we’re going back to the ideal of adopting/showcasing possible future tech (that is, getting the “wow” factor past the bean counters), some kind of PRT system would be the way to go - small-cacpity autonomous train vehicles that use offline stations so that through traffic isn’t held up by start/stop cycles. You get the re-allocation problem fixed because empty vehicles can be shifted toward particular stations in real time, and the total number of stations wouldn’t need to be very large (one per park -two at Epcot perhaps - and ideally one per resort).

But that has drawbacks - it’s experimental still, the initial costs are high, and regulatory issues are still a wild-card (specifically related to the required gap between autonomous vehicles and its effect on capacity).


Now this is a conversation I would enjoy listening to.