Monorail status May 6-13

Hey All. We got a little welcome e-mail for our upcoming trip next week & it mentioned that the monorail service might be limited. We’re staying @ VGF. Any ideas what this might be regarding?

Work is being done on it. I read somewhere that the express will not be running between certain hours but don’t recall exact details. Hopefully someone else can add more specific info.

We leave Sunday, our stay is 5/3-8. I got a call from a Disney world rep yesterday saying monorail will not run between midnight and 8:30am during our stay. The Disney rep had already looked at our reservations/plans and was able to give us alternate transportation suggestions on any reservations that would be impacted. We are staying at the Polynesian. Hope that helps!

Thank you, Nolajane & Somethingforcat. Very, very helpful.