Monorail resort restaurants and ADR's for lunch

As usual, my disclaimer: I ain’t been t’ WDW since 2006st.

(That TN accent may have been just a little bit thicker than usual.)

And we’ll be there in September, September 15-22, actually.

I’m starting to really zero in on the TS restaurants I want to try this time, and Kona Cafe is calling my name. Haven’t been there in 17 years, and never for lunch; that menu has changed A Lot; that’d be a nice place to take a break during a MK day.

Do I really have to get an ADR for that? We used to just waltz out of the MK around 11:30-ish and ride the monorail until we found a place we wanted to eat – Concourse Steakhouse, Grand Floridian Cafe, back then – and we dined there. Lunch was always quiet at the monorail resorts. Back then.

Has it really gotten so much busier that I need an ADR for lunch at Kona? Please advise.

We ate at Kona a couple weeks ago (mentioned it in my trip report) and it was very good but a reservation was essential, basically because nothing else at the Poly was/is open. It’s a construction zone and the monorail isn’t running. That will change by your trip though. We took the resort launch boat over from MK and it was a delightful ride.

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Yes I would. Especially with the Polynesian fully opening next month, I anticipate it will only be busier.

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(also TWSS)


OK, I believe y’all! I’ll make ADR’s. I wish I could be a little more spontaneous than that, but – at least it’s Disney World.


Ahem. thank you. :smiley: