Monorail progressive dinner

We are hoping to do a progressive dinner type evening at the monorail resorts with stops at QS or lounges/bars only. We’d like to do one stop at each resort for apps, entrée, and dessert with adult beverages at each one. Where do you recommend and any must eats? Also, is it easy to get drinks with an app or small plate at the bars in the resorts or are they often super crowded and therefore this is not a good plan? We will probably start off around 4 or 5 to give us time to explore resorts and relax before HEA which I think is at 9. Thanks!

ETA I searched and found a forum post and a blog about such things but both were 4-5ish years old and I’m sure things have changed a bit.

Mizners at the GF is good, they do small plates and they have a live band. Also Geysers Point at WL, I haven’t tried it but it supposed to have a great view. There was also another bar at WL but I can’t remember the name (!) and I’m not sure if it’s still there, but that had a nice atmosphere and they had excellent food.

Oh and Trader Sams at the Poly. We didn’t go inside because we had DS with us, but sitting outside with a view of the fireworks was pretty awesome. Not sure if they had food though, but they did have cocktails!

We’ve done this, starting at Trader Sam’s at the Poly. We had the Corn-Battered Portuguese Sausages as the appetizer, and Uh-Oh-A and Krakatoa punch for drinks. You can’t go wrong with the drinks at Trader Sam’s, but the appetizers are just okay. Next was Mizner’s Lounge at GF for a beer and the watermelon salad. Lastly we ended up at California Grill, (can’t remember what we ordered for drinks) and flat bread as a snack, but finished off with the Cinnamon-sugared Croissant Donuts for dessert.

If I did it again I might skip the apps at Trader Sam’s and have the sushi as my must-have at California Grill with a dessert.

If you start at Trader Sam’s, get in line before they open, that’s the only place I would expect a wait. We had no trouble with crowds at Mizner’s or at the lounge at California Grill.

Your plans sounds great, but maybe get to Trader Sam’s earlier. Or stick to your timing and be prepared for a wait.

I’m a little jealous! Enjoy!