Monorail or Epcot-Area Resort Bar Crawls

I am thinking about doing this on my adults only trip with my mom. We are going to F&W, but probably won't make it to Epcot until 6pm at the earliest for our first day when WS closes at 9pm. We will want to keep the fun going longer than that! So - if I take the monorail to Epcot, can I switch at the TTC to the resort loop? It's a MK EMH night, so what time would monorail stop running? Most importantly, which are the not-to-be-missed lounges on that loop and what drinks should we try?

It is my understanding that Disney transport ends one hour after the last park closes. BUT, it is also my understand that Disney doesn't want you to be stranded. Yes, you can switch at the TTC to the resort loop. I've never done a monorail crawl (dang offspring! wink) but here is a link to Disney Food Blog's run down:

Hopefully, more knowledgeable peeps will see this and offer their two cents! smile

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Thanks @emmyannttu. Does anyone want to make recs on their favorites drinks or snacks at these spots?

Lapu Lapu at the Poly - be warned they stop serving at midnight. Mai Tai at Grand Floridian - I prefer sitting at the pool bar there. Go up to Cali Grill at Contemp and see if you can sit at the bar for a martini. Take the boat from CR to Wildnerness Camp and drink beer at the outpost next to HDDR and then a glass of red wine at Wilderness Lodge.

You'll want to start early wink


Yeah, we might try to go to the CG lounge to catch Wishes. I have heard of that working for some. The boat might be too much for us to manage after three hours at F&W, lol, We really want to spend as much time at Epcot as possible, but 9pm feels too early to call it quits on one of only two nights. I think this will be perfect!

We've had some fun nights over at Boardwalk with Jelly Rolls? And the other one that I can't remember. Much closer too.

I am not really a dance club kinda person - I'd rather be able to have a conversation and somewhat more relaxed atmosphere. What is Jelly Rolls like? Is the other one like Atlantic Dance Co or something along those lines?

Yes - but I think Jelly Rolls was the piano bar. I am ABSOLUTELY not a club person either! I am guessing you could do a Crescent Lake Crawl of Boardwalk, Swan / Dolphin and YC/ BC and have just as much fun as the mono loop. Closer and you can start earlier. The wind downs offered at Epcot are really nice too - fun way to start the crawl?

Yes, that is a great idea! Then we don't have to worry as much about transportation and can just cab it back to pop. Any drink or app recommendations for those spots? Or should I start another thread?

You can change the headline on this thread as an edit option. @MDU likes to lurk those bars & when she gets off the beach I bet she'll know what to do. I just know I could drink about 10 Captain Mai Tai's from the YC / BC. There is a really good blog on Touring Plans about it too: Touring Plans Blog About Bars

Yup - follow that link and you are GOLDEN! And Brian knows how to drink - he's an expert wink


Interesting, given the thread about pool hopping, that he includes all the pool bars.

The pool bars have the best atmosphere - especially if it's not 115 degrees outside. They just don't want you in the pool, you're welcomed to drink & eat. Hurricane Hannas is a GREAT location & you access it from the path around Crescent Lake vs through the pool.

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I definitely have a new plan, thanks so much for the advice! Way simpler than dealing with the monorail, particularly given our likely tipsy state.

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Jelly Rolls is a lot of fun. It's a dueling piano bar where the guests sing along. 21 and up, but not a dance club. There is a $10 cover charge to get in, but worth it imo. Last time I was there, they played Let it Go and the guests were singing along at the top of their lungs.

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@Iheartepcot I double checked the hours on Belle Vue lounge since it sounded like what you'd be looking for Belle Vue Lounge and they are open until midnight which I think is standard closing time for resort bars.

Love Belle Vie Lounge too. Oh and Jelly Rolls is open till 2am

@MDU was singing at the top of her lungs too smile and then proceeded in throwing out her 32oz Solo cup.

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We did the monorail loop bar crawl last November and also looked at Christmas decorations at the same time. The last place was the Poly and we had our first Lapu Lapu. We are both rum drinkers and fruity coctails are our thing. We should have loved it, but didn't. Not sure if the bartender was off his game or not. We will try it again next time just to see.

Thanks, everyone, for all of this awesome help and advice. I am getting really excited for this short trip - planning to pack a lot in. Jelly Rolls does sound fun and a good spot for after the resort bars close at midnight.