Monorail - is it traveling between MK and hotels? Poly and Grand Floridian

We will be at MK Saturday!!! I heard rumors monorail was not running between MK resort hotels. Does anyone know if it is? We have Sunday morning breakfast at Poly and was wondering.

My experience on April 5th-13th was that it was running from MK to resorts. We took it quite a bit to get to our dining at the monorail resorts and really loved the monorail itself for the spectacular views it gave us of the MK and surrounding resorts. Not sure about any changes since then though.

I do know that Disneyland on the west coast has the monorail down for refurbishment so there is no transportation from Disneyland resort hotels into Disneyland park, so maybe that was what you heard rumor of? Hopefully. If not, you can still get to Poly by boat from MK. It takes a little longer (we did it our last day to get to Grand Floridian and just missed the boat and it took awhile for it to come back).

I’ve been here since Sunday, and the resort monorail has been running, but the express on has not. This morning the resort beam wasn’t going to open until 8:30, so they were running buses from the Poly to MK before that.


Thanks. I will report when we get back!

Do not forget a ferry also rins from mk to poly

Thanks, I’ll add that to my notes!

Hi, the monorails were running last week! We parked our car at both Poly and Contemp for meals and rode monorail from Poly and walked from Contemp to MK.