Monorail hours beginning of Sept

We have reservations for the Train tour at the beginning of Sept. They recommended we park at the Contemporary but that we would need to move our car after the tour. Does anyone know when the monorail starts to run so we can just park at TTC and take the monorail over to the MK. We have to be there at 7:30AM. This way we would not need to move the car.

I know Disney’s website says 30 minutes prior to first to first park opening but I seem to be getting conflicting reports from guests. One person claimed they were operating at 6:30AM.

I use this link to get a general idea. Of course additional closures happen all the time. If you look at this you will see that there are days that it does not open until 8:30.

What resort are you coming from?

All-Star Music. We will have our car since we are driving in from NC

Since you are on property and can take transport on your way home later, I would suggest taking an uber or a taxi. So easy and very affordable. They could drop you off at the Contemporary and you could still walk over really easily then not have to worry about your car.