Monorail for fun

I’m thinking of taking the Mono rail just for fun our arrival day to kill time before check-in. Our flight arrives at 9:30 am. I’m staying at AoA so thinking of taking the bus to Epcot and taking that line. How long would this take? And is the Epcot one fun? I’m thinking of holding on MK to not spoil the surprise of seeing the castle for the kids.

Epcot is kind of cool in that you actually loop through Epcot itself. You wind up on the back side of Future World looking toward the gates. One of my best Epcot photos was taken from the monorail.

I can’t recall though, I think you have to be inside the park to board the monorail? I always forget this detail for some reason and can never remember. I know you have to clear security twice if you take from TTC to enter Epcot so maybe not? Someone else needs to chime in on that


No need to be in park to board monorail. No park tickets required.

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If we don’t get off do we have to go through security twice? Great picture!

You may need to clear security - and use a park ticket - to access it in the first place.

I just can never remember that part

You need to clear security but not go through the ticket tapstiles to get on at Epcot.


Thank you.

I don’t know why I’m such a dunce about this detail!

You cannot know everything. And that does not make you a dunce! :smile:


We did this on a departure day. The trip around Epcot is very pretty. You could transfer at TTC to the resort loop and explore the monorail resorts or at least ride the loop through the Contemporary.

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Oh yes! On our arrival day we took a bus from resort to MK. Then the boat across the lagoon to TTC. Rode the resort monorail with stops at each hotel. Back to TTC and monorail to Epcot. Took a bus from Epcot to our resort. It was great!

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The trip on the Epcot monorail is somewhat boring except the part that goes through the park itself. The voyage between the TTC and Epcot itself is rather uninspired. Having said that, we did it ourselves.

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There is the Mickey solar farm …

I’m going to be honest. I grew up watching WDW commercials that often showcased the monorail, and up until a few months ago (when I started planning my trip) I thought it was a ride. I didn’t realize it was just a transportation system. In my mind this is what I most associate with WDW and ride or not there is no way I’m missing it. lol


Years ago I loved the monorail and rode it for fun multiple times. These days, I try to avoid the monorail if possible. The waits are long and the condition of the trains is worse than it has ever been. It is no longer fun at all for me.

From the comments it looks like I am on the minority on this, but on each visit to WDW the past 10 years, the monorail experience for me gets worse and worse.

The biggest potential issue with the Monorail is that when it fails, it fails HARD.

There are multiple trains running on a loop of track. When one train fails, the remaining trains can retreat to a station and the passengers can disembark, albeit at at a locaton that was not their intended destination. The failing train however typically needs to have a tug dispatched to tow it to a station, which can tie up its passengers for up to an hour.,