Monorail Crawl Help

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Disney. I switched to Universal over ten years ago and hadn’t looked back until this year. Im adding Mvmcp and a monorail crawl to my Universal trip this December and could use some help since it’s been so long.

I’ve made two reservations for the monorail day. 2:30pm at the Boathouse and 8:30pm sleigh ride at ft wilderness. After ds I want to hit gf, poly and contemporary for drinks. Then head to ft w for the sleigh ride. Does the timing sound about right or is it maybe too long? Won’t do a whole lot of ds shopping. Maybe just a store or two. Trying not to make it too exhausting of a day since my friend’s flight is at 6:30 the next morning. Would also appreciate any advice on transportation, order of things, and what not to miss. I can’t even remember which way the monorail roles. :joy:

On my Mvmcp day, I made a 1:20 reservation for a late lunch at Kona. I’ll Uber in and am hoping to walk to contemporary and Uber back to Universal after the party. I’d rather avoid ttc if I can. Will that work?

Thanks for the help! I’m looking forward to heading back but a bit nervous since it’s been so long! Used to go all the time but the kids got older and enjoyed Universal more. Time to shift a bit again since I travel without my now grown adults.

Yes! That is a great plan!

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