Monorail and Railroad during Christmas?

I booked a trip for the week of Christmas. To be honest, I have not been keeping up with all the news like I normally would. I’m in graduate school and my Disney planning time has been effected. Anyways, I took a few minutes this morning to try and catch up on what’s been going on at Disney World. I am a little shocked to find out the monorail was undergoing refurbishments and the WDW Railroad will be parked in December. I’m a little nervous because we always use these forms of transportation. I know Christmas week is super busy. I wonder how this is going to impact the flow of crowds. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Is the monorail refurbishment a total shut down or the same ongoing work?

Interesting. I wonder if the new monorail trains are starting to arrive. I know they wanted to get those replaced ASAP after the “open door” incident, but I’m surprised they would be ready this quickly.

Are you talking about future expectations or the current situation? Because both monorail and railroads were working yesterday.

It is mentioned for the future. Railroad is closing starting in December.

Monorail has this:

"The monorail is under refurbishment until further notice and may have modified service or routes depending on park hours. You should check on the day of travel the best option to use. Alternative transportation options may be available. "

I know that, but everything was written like it is currently happening, so I was getting clarification.

Well, leia was specifically talking about a trip in December. But you’re right. The use of the present tense in the post could make it confusing.

This has been in place for at least a couple of years?

You can always check the monorail weekly schedule here:

Well, I can see why they need to replace the trains if they are in a perpetual state of refurbishment! :slight_smile:

I’m mostly hoping the new trains will be delivered and installed and operating by the time we go in 2020.

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Usually they will start late some days or shut them down for a few hours during the day.

Our last trip to Disney, about 3 years ago now, we were standing in the FINAL queue area to board the next Monorail (leaving the park for the night) when the train stopped about 6 feet too soon. It took them a little more than 30 minutes before they finally managed to get it to pull forward to the correct position. I feel sorry for anyone who was on board and hoping to get to some last minute ride in MK, since they were stuck on the train for that entire 30+ minutes.