Monday, November 5th

Park hour updates were released & MK is closing at 4:30pm. This appears to be something rather new for this date. This of course happened AFTER Touring Plans made the May updates to their calendars. Am I right in thinking that this will result in pretty low crowds at MK that day? I am considering swapping a few park days to enjoy lower crowds potentially. This involves moving several important ADRs including BBB, CRT, etc. but seems like it might make sense.

Did you also see that both HS and AK have morning EMH that day? I think with that combo, MK will be lighter than the others.

That is strange about 4:30 closing, at first I thought maybe they will make a MVMCP that night, but no indication of that either…maybe they just have a lot of decorating to do?

Last year at the end of November MK closed at 4:30 during our trip. It was for a cast member party. MK was so quiet that day, I think a lot of people avoided it because of the early closing time. We had a great time!

Don’t be fooled into thinking those emh hours that a prev poster has mentioned. WDW changes their hours.

I use hopper tix. I would absolutely target MK on that early closure day. I’m planning an Oct31-Nov6 trip. If it is early closure, I’ll def be there with my fingers crossed. Sound like a good day to get there at rope drop, then hit HDDR for the early dinner show, then look for a fp at another park before one of their fireworks shows.

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This is for the Cast Member annual party. A good day to get a lot done in MK, just no night time stuff.