Monday mid-April: MK or AK?

We are headed to WDW mid April. Had planned to do AK Monday and MK Friday (the other days are spoken for already including a 2nd MK day weds) due to the ample advice to avoid MK on Monday’s. We had plan to do EMH Monday at AK and Fri at MK (no hoppers).

BUT…now seeing the advice about needing to put AK at the end of a trip to make FP+ for FOP.

Should we flip flop and skip the EMHs in each to put AK at the end of the trip? Seems a lot for just one ride but I also hear FOP is really awesome.

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It is really awesome!

When you make your fpps try to get it for Friday and if you do then switch your days.

Or you will need to be at the AK at least an hour before the opening time!

FOP is really awesome! Personally, I would put AK at the end of my trip just to try and get a FOP FP+. It beats standing in line for 2 hours, which is what we ended up doing in September when we couldn’t get a FP+ for it. The queue is pretty neat, but not 2 hours neat.

I have never heard the advice about no Magic Kingdom on Mondays. What is the story with that? We are going back in June and wouldn’t you know it, I put one of our Magic Kingdom days on a Monday!

Several spots said that lots of people visit MK on Mondays so it is a more crowded day.

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