Monday 11/5/18 CL question

MK is only open 9-4:30 this day. I was sure that the CL would drop in this last update since park hours had been published. But the CL has remained at 7 despite the short hours. I just have a hard time believing MK will be this busy with short hours since last fall the MK day like this ended up being a CL 1!

Any thoughts?

When you say, “day like this,” were you talking about the November day with MK CL1 (Nov 30) or the first Monday (Nov 6)? Nov 30 was the day MK closed at 4:30, it was the week after Thanksgiving, F&W was over, and the resort-wide CL was 3. Nov 6, 2017 had F&W at EP, and the resort-wide CL was 7. I think the higher CL for your date is influenced more by early Nov crowds, and not by the very early park close.