Mommy-Daughter trip

I’ve booked a trip for me and DD in April. I know that many have done these kinds of trips. Do you have any recommendations for special things to do? DD is 9. I already have the Grand Floridian Afternoon Tea booked for our August trip. She is not interested in BBB and she’s outgrowing princesses (sob!), so CRT is not on the agenda. She is into Star Wars these days. She would also love pick-a-pearl in Japan. Any thoughts?

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If she loves atar wara then tou have got ro do the Jedi training

I’ll suggest it, but she watched her friends do it two years ago, but was too scared to do it. Darth Vader scared the carp out of her. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Special shopping trip to DS? I remember feeling very grown up when my Mom and I did lunch and shopping and she would let me pay (with her money but still). Or a Treasure hunt for souvenirs in each park, or in each color of the rainbow, etc.

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I like the idea of a shopping trip to DS. We haven’t been to DS/DTD in years. She would enjoy that. I was also considering Raglan Road, but was put off by the idea of schlepping to DS just for that. Great idea! THANKS.


Would she enjoy getting henna in Morocco in Epcot?

I know that each of my boys would enjoy having time to play games like Sorcerers of the MK or the Agent Perry one in Epcot. They enjoy those things together, but getting to do it without a sibling taking turns or slowing is down would be special.

I love the Raglan Road idea. Does DD like to dance? The dancers will let any and all kids join them on stage for a little performance. That may only be during dinner time… Really fun.

I took mine when she was 9 and although not into princesses she loved CRT breakfast. It kind of put her in the spirit of Disney for the whole trip. When we go in May she will be 11 and is also totally into Star Wars. We are surprising the kids with the trip so they have no clue we are going soon but she caught a clip online of the Jawa traders around the Launch Bay and is already preparing for some trading “if we ever go back”.

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oh, @SallyEppcot, henna is a great idea! I think she’d love that

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She loves to dance, and she’s taken Irish dance. I think she’ll love it

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For Jedi Training, she could choose the 7th sister instead of Darth Vader, if that’s any less scary. Darth Vader is the front line, and 7th sister the back line (closer to the building where you sign up and check in).

Thanks! That sounds more her speed

I dream of doing a long weekend trip with each of my DDs when they are older. I want to do 4 parks in 1 day with her choosing the must dos for each park.

Taking my 3rd Mommy/Daughter trip in April, as well. This time around I’ve got Pirate’s League (Empress Package), Ferrytale Wishes and dinner at Teppan Edo among the “must dos”. We also enjoy getting henna tattoos in Morocco together.

Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian is a great choice! We really enjoyed it on our last visit. You may also consider visits to either Senses Spa at GF or Sturdy Branches Health Club at WL. Both offer manis, pedis and facials for younger guests.

Have fun making those magical memories with your DD!

Thanks for the suggestions!