Momma needs a break! Live(ish) Solo Trip Report


Baby Grace has gotten so big already!! I feel like they’re family just from that documentary!

It looks like your vacation is off to a great start! Enjoy!


Gorgeous pics, it looks like a beautiful day.

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I headed over to MK this evening and had dinner at Pecos Bill’s which was nothing special. But I was really there to see the castle and she was beautiful. It’s been a really great day but I am beat! Tomorrow is FARTS (yes, I’m keeping it going :grin:).


Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Enjoy your FARTS tomorrow. :joy:


Ok, Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast was sooooo good! I would go out of my way just to eat the biscuits here.


I squeezed every living minute out of the park hours today! First, was an interesting journey to Epcot. After breakfast at GF it was a little early to go to EP but I thought I would go to the bus stop and take the bus to HS or EP whichever came first. The EP bus shows up so that’s great and I’m the only on the bus, even better. Well, turns out the bus drivers are training and picked me up too early and can’t drop me off at the park. They drop me off at the Riviera instead so I can take the skyliner. So I got to do a little unplanned resort hopping.

I think I checked out all of FARTS. I didn’t document all of my food but my favorite was the vegetable gyoza in Japan. I then hopped to HS and walked around Batuu, tried the blue milk with rum (which really just tastes like a pina colada), and rode Slinky dog. Headed back to EP to catch Voices Of Liberty just before park closing. What a great performance, so many feels. The festival areas were so crowded at the end of the night. I was eager to head out at that point. That said, the wait times were again pretty short all day. I don’t think I waited any longer than 15-20 minutes for anything and that included FEA and SDD. I am getting spoiled with these low waits. Tomorrow is a lazy resort day. I have a DS lunch reservation and that’s it. So now I rest.



Sounds like a great day! For sure way better than mine. :roll_eyes:

I like pina coladas so the blue milk with rum sounds fab! I didn’t know you could get it with alcohol when we were there in august.

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OMG, yes!!! I loved the stuff on my last visit!


This sound like a great trip! Thanks for sharing!


Oh no, sorry to hear it was a bad day. Hopefully things will start looking up. Just think you’ll be in Disney soon!


Yes! Just four more days and only two of those at work!


which dvc rental comapny did you use?

I used DVC Rental Store. I didn’t have the best luck finding availability at the beginning but once I was able to book it was a very simple process. I will use them again in the future.

Enjoy your solo trip! You’ve earned it.


I didn’t update yesterday because I really vegged out and it was a good day for it. Rainy and cloudy most of the day. I had brunch at WBG in DS and did a little window shopping. I walked into WOD and it was so crowded I just walked straight through to an exit. I miss shopping so much. Came back and watched a marathon of old Disney/Pixar movies on Freeform.

There was a water main break at the Poly in the afternoon that closed all of the restaurants so I changed my plan of dinner from Captain Cooks to dinner from GF. The walk over and boat ride back was nice and relaxing so I’m not mad about it.


Today is HS day. No BG for me this time. I’ll just have to come back so I can try again. :grin:

I don’t have much of a plan today. I’m going to decide what I do at HS based on wait times and hop to either EP, MK, or both in the afternoon. It looks like the skyliner might be down today so that might deter me from going to EP.


You can always ride the friendship boat or walk…

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True. Luckily the skyliner is running today. It’s just so easy and fast.