Momcation 2019 Suggestions?

I am headed to WDW in a couple of weeks for my very first solo trip. We have been, as a family, five times in the last four years (we were there last month for a week) but it’s always focused on what the kids want to do.
I take two trips by myself a year - as my “respite” from caring for our special needs kids. I decided that my spring trip would be doing Disney World BY MYSELF.

Resort reservation is for Coronado Springs.
The big thing I keep going back and forth on is DAH ticket for MK. I already bought a ticket for DAH at HS. I also have a reservation for Fantasmic Dessert experience on that DAH day.
I only have one dining reservation - 8am at BoG
Is there anything that you would add/change? Anything I shouldn’t miss? I’m in the “inbetween” time at Epcot so no Festival of the Arts or F&G show.


Day 1:
FP: Meet Mickey & Minnie, It’s A Small World & Peter Pan
I’m scheduled to arrive at MCO at 3pm. I plan to head over to MK directly from ME drop off and get a good 5 hours in.

Day 2:
ADS: Be Our Guest 8am
FP: Space Mountain, Space Ranger Spin, Pirates
Magic Kingdom Day - right now, my touring plan ends at 3pm and I was thinking about going to Disney Springs for the evening. There is a DAH event that day so I could, on the flipside, go to DS during the morning and then head to MK in the afternoon/evening to stay for DAH.

Day 3:
FP: Frozen, Spaceship Earth, Figment
Epcot Day - plan is to spend the morning in future world and then spend the afternoon/evening in WS.
I have a 9am Frozen FP, plan to rope drop Soarin’ and use single rider line for Test Track.

Day 4:
FP: Safari, Adventurers Outpost, EE
Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios - It’s EMH at AK so I had planned to rope drop FOP (couldn’t nab a fast pass), safari, character meet, EE and then take a break until late afternoon when I head to HS for Fantasmic Dessert Experience & DAH. Hours for AH are 8:30-11:30 so not terribly late.

Day 5: My flight home isn’t until the afternoon so I’m planning on resting by the pool/packing/getting some lunch and then I’ll be on the tragical express around 12.


I think your plans sound awesome! I did DAH at Hollywood Studios earlier this month and loved it! I think that it’s wonderful that you are taking a Momcation! I have never done a solo trip but have spent several days in the parks alone on some of our vacations. I love those days! I think I may need to plan a solo trip soon! I hope you have the best time ever!!

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Thank you!!
I’ve been to New York, Vegas, Nashville, DC, and LA alone but decided that, since my husband doesn’t want to go back to Disney until next year, I’m going to treat myself to a trip by myself.

This sounds great!!! I’m not great with linking things but in the last few months there have been posts about cake decorating classes, Wild Africa Trek (which might be fun if you decide not to do MK DAH), Caring for Giants, Dine with an Imagineer or Animal specialist, and some fun tours of the resorts thinking AKL Sanaa and Jiko (free tours with food tasting). Love that you are getting a break and your plan looks lovely! Have fun. Please do a trip report​:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Thank you!!
I will search for those - I did see the cake decorating class but since I would be doing it on my last day, I wasn’t sure how I would get the cake home. I certainly won’t have the room left to eat it! lol


I sort of do this with going to the Princess 1/2 marathon as a girl’s weekend.

The best thing - going to a bathroom at Disney by yourself! And not having to put a post-in note over the automatic flusher!

Also, eating whenever you want and not worrying about anyone else’s preferences!

Will you be there during the Festival of the Arts for Epcot? Might want to check and see if there are any activities you want to do with that.


Good for you! I was going to go solo, as my DH and DSs were not interested in going (DLR regulars, never been to WDW), but a friend heard and asked to tag along. So it has turned into a Moms’ trip!