Mom & son trip report Operation: Enduring Hope 2 - electric boogaloo

It’s party time and mom has discovered the joy that is dole whip floats.


Next you need to have her try the dole whip with rum.


Yyyyeah, alcohol just makes her sleepy. As she already is bailing on the party due to being tired, I don’t want add to that. She’ll stay through the first parade, so there’s that at least. But she’s missing the fireworks and spelltacular. :frowning:


I’m so glad you’re back. Mom looks like she’s having a great time.


Party was a bit of a mixed bag. As soon as the official start happened, I convinced her to go on POC. Getting off the boat she was in a position where she couldn’t easily stand and her legs didn’t want to cooperate and I had to essentially lift her out of the boat. Soon as that was done she wanted nothing more to do with the party as she was “tired” and (I suspect the bigger cause)really embarrassed by the whole ordeal. I tried to convince her it was not a big deal, but she just wanted to go back to the hotel. Best I could do was convince her to stay for the first parade and do a little trick or treating.

So soon as the parade was done, though, she wanted out and so I took her back.

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So I’m taking a quick photo of us this morning and suddenly see a rainbow over the kingdom. That’s a good sign, right?


Taking a bus to Boma, turns out it’s a trainees final exam and his grade depends on our feedback. Gave detailed notes (all positive), and looks like he gets his ears. Probably a smokescreen, but I like to think we helped him get his job.


Wow! You mom looks great! Have a great day !


Loving your trip.
I will repeat what others have said.
Your mom looks so much better this trip - it is great that she is having such a good time!!!
I am on my way tonight - so I will say hi if I see you :wink:


During breakfast she started to doze off and I wasn’t exactly feeling energetic, so we bailed on the animal Kingdom plans for this morning and she’ll rest in the room until Later tonight when I get her for Epcot.

As I was also feeling pretty drained I napped for an hour. Now waiting for an AK bus so I can take advantage of my fpp for FOP. Good timing as it’s currently raining (but will pass by the time I enter the park).


I know I could learn a thing or two about how you go with the flow. I’m trying to make loosely held plans for our upcoming trip. It’s so hard to know how my daughter will react to being there. She’s too big for a stroller, but not very strong/not a lot of endurance. You and I are on the opposite sides of the age spectrum with our travel partners, but I appreciate reading about how you flex your plans! Hopefully, I can be just as flexible!

Also, what a special sight! That rainbow is beautiful!


GThanks, but it’s certainly not always easy, but I think the key is to read the situation and change if needed. Because if they aren’t having a good time, what is the point? The last trip it was downright frustrating at times, too. Especially when it meant not seeing illuminations, fantasmic, Star Wars fireworks, and nearly not seeing rivers of light.

And Sadly this mornings change was at the expense of seeing my he lion king. Hopefully we can squeeze it in later in the week.


There must be something wrong with me. After riding FOP, my verdict is “meh”.

Visually striking, sure, but it’s a prerendered movie so that’s not surprising. Additionally, it’s imax so you also have some screeen issues. Finally the “banshee” “car” itself is cool, but I expected a more “attack “ position and less “forward-tilted car seat.” Also where I wanted to go and where the banshee went often differed. When we did “click” though, it was fun.

Comparatively, I enjoyed the void much much more. Even with that annoying puzzle.


FOP was a good ride, but I would never wait hours for it. Also, half of my party could not ride it because of size, so I am kind of jilted on it.


So great to see your mom looking so well! Thanks for posting your update. Hope you two have a blast.


This first pic of the two of you is amazing!!!

I am glad you two are having a good trip!!

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Just out of curiosity, did you have a ticket purchased in advance or buy when you got there? Do you think that makes a difference with the amount of time waiting?
We bought our tickets but trying to sandwich it in between arriving and heading to MNSSHP, hoping we will have time!

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No, I didn’t buy a ticket at any point. Just walked in. No money ever exchanged. And the wait wasn’t tied to the checkin as we were well past that point. It was really just waiting for the teams to get done or charge the equipment.

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Nope. Rainbow was not a good sign. Once again, minutes before illuminations, suddenly she’s so tired we need to go back to hotel.

Do you mean you did the Void for free? How did that happen?