Modifying vs cancelling ADR?

Can someone with experience give me some guidance please. Going on our first trip next month. I’ve done a good job planning ADRs etc. Got some contingencies, cancelled some extras so I wouldn’t be hoarding. I may end up with one that I’d love to make a final call on the day of. I thought I read that I could modify it to a future date, and then cancel it? Is that always the case (for standard, not prepay etc) or any hitches in that? Thanks!

I have done that without problems. You need to find a date and time in the future of course. And there is always the possibility that the app may be glitchy just when you need to use it.

My first experience though was for Hoop de Doo, when eldest DS wasn’t feeling too great. He insisted he would be fine just resting, so we went and explained at the check-in. They refunded the pre-paid cost for him, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

I’ve also phoned and cancelled when we were stuck in traffic in downtown Orlando one time. They waived the fee then too.