Modifying tickets & Genie+

Way back when, I purchased WDW tickets from Undercover Tourist for our December 2022 trip. Unfortunately, we’ve had to be postponed the trip until January. The catch is that I also purchased Genie+ for the duration of the ticket. Since duration-of-ticket Genie+ wasn’t/isn’t available for 2023 tickets at any point, does this mean I’m going to be out that money? Or when I modify the dates in MDE will the grandfathering carryover into the new year? Just want to know what to expect or if there’s a way to not lose all that money.

My money is on being grandfathered in.

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I’m putting money down on grandfathered in too. The tickets I’m using next week have g+ for the duration. I asked small world (ta) what happens if I add another park day while I’m there. They said any additional days would have g+ on it too.

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I think I read somewhere that G+ will be removed if you move them to 2023. Suggest you call UT and ask for details, their customer service folks know their stuff.

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I did not use UT but another travel agent. Basically, if I change dates up to 31st December 2022, I keep G+. For 2023 dates, G+ will be removed and they will reimburse the upcharge I paid for G+ compared to regular tickets.


This is about the spread of thoughts I had on it- the 2023 threshold was the biggest variable for me. I’ll check with UT and see what they say!