Modifying FPP--In Advance or Day of?

I’ve searched past posts, so apologies if this is been answered before.

I think I’m up to speed on the modifying FPP while in the park. However, my question is about modifying in advance. We’re 60 days out, and our first day is in MK. Although we got the rides we wanted (Peter Pan’s Flight, BTM, and 7DMT), our FP times stretch to later in the day than I hoped.

So, can I explore modifying them/click on “Modify” without losing what we already have? I think my wife and I are scared we’ll mess something up and lose them!



Yes, you can search to see if there are times that work for you better. Just searching won’t change, and you will be asked to confirm when you do click on a time that you may like.


As DR says, it’s easy to do on MDE. You’ll get choices to change the times and also to change the rides (I know you don’t want that, though). And to put your mind at ease, you can change back to what you had, with ONE WARNING: if you try to change back, that slot you had might be gone.

Thanks @DumboRunner and @twm22columbia! I just checked, and yep, seemed pretty easy. (I didn’t find any better choices for 7DMT, but I’ll keep trying, including day-of.


Yes, you can modify in advance…and it’s very easy.