Modifying for free dining

Hello!! The big rumors of free dining are out. I already have a reservation for 2 rooms at AS Sports that includes 1 quick service meal per day per person. I would love to score free dining. How do you go about modifying a reservation when it is released? I don’t want to mess up and lose my original deal if I can’t get the free dining plan. One free meal is better than none. Should I just wait and call in the morning? This is stressing me out!! Thanks!

I have read that some people recommend modifying, but I was pondering just booking an entirely new reservation and then canceling the old one once the new one is confirmed. I am sure someone with experience will give us more details.

Last April, I went on the MDE website, pulled up my December package and clicked on modify reservation. It offered, change dates, change resort, and change package. Inside change package, it showed two special offers, one was free dining, clicked on that and it showed me the price difference(admission had gone up since I booked my original deal). I clicked on that deal, and done, I was booked.


Possibly an ignorant question, but can you tell me where the option to modify your reservation is? I just signed in to MDE and am on the “My reservations” page and I can see my stay and my tickets, but there is no option to modify anywhere.

Could this be because I booked through MVT and am not allowed to modify? If so, I guess my only option would be to book a whole new reservation.

I did the same thing. No option to modify on mine either.

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Yes, if you booked through a travel agent, you cannot modify your reservation. They will need to do it.

Or, as you said, you can book a new one and then cancel the old one.


Do you know if there is any problem with booking a second reservation in your MDE account online for the same dates and same people? Just making sure the system will allow it.

Nope, there’s no problem doing that. I did the opposite when I first booked via MVT.

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