Modifying FOP fpp

Because of the glitches in the system, I couldn’t add one of my sons to our fpp yesterday. I went ahead and snagged 3 for FOP at 1pm. Woohoo! Yesterday afternoon, I called WDW to remedy my dilemma. They were able to give him his own fpp reservation but to match his time, we had to move our 3 to 4:50. Ugh!
What are the chances of being able to modify the 3 that I booked to an earlier time? (I can’t modify the one they gave him.) Then use RS because I have a DD5 who’s not tall enough to ride.
So DH, DS12 (using my mb), DS9 ride, we get RS, then I ride with the boys.

Latest reports are everyone has to have a valid FPP in order to use RS for FOP and a few others rides at WDW at the present time.

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Crap!!! I thought I read on the thread about the new electronic system that wasn’t the case. This is gonna suck if it is.