Modifying FastPass+

Hey y’all. If I am wanting to get a FP for FOP, Slinky Dog, 7DMT, and PP for the morning on different days but if the only times available are afternoon or evening…Am I better off still taking whatever time is available and then trying to modify it as the date gets closer or even modifying it the day of? Or should I just not take the FP for that ride? How likely is it that I will be able to modify an afternoon or evening FP to a morning time? I really want to get all my FP’s for the morning. Thanks y’all!!

It’s easier to modify to the time you want once you already have it.

No guarantees you’ll get it, but easier to try if you already have it in the afternoon.


Also, you just named all the the hardest to get FPP at the most popular times. I like your optimism and I hope you get them. If you can get a FPP for these, grab it and try to modify. However, maybe have a back-up plan that only includes one of these as your initial three FPP.

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Thanks! That’s what I was thinking

Thanks for advice! Yeah I am hopeful I will get all of those FP’s haha :slight_smile:

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