Modifying afternoon FP to morning

Hi, our 60 days FP day is coming up and I’m wondering if we get an afternoon 7DMT FP, how easy is it to modify to the morning? We are planning on doing MK in the morning and then taking an afternoon break maybe around noon or 1pm, then hopping to another park in the evening since MK closes early for the Halloween party.
Since we’re getting to MK so early in the am (early for us anyway), I don’t think my kids will last without a midday break. Any advice on modifying?

You really just have to keep checking. Your best bet might be day before or day of as people’s plans change.

I’ve been able to get my 7DMT FPP around 1pm at 60days.
At 30 days, I couldn’t get it until early evening.

If it were me, on day 60 when I’m setting up FPPs, be prompt at 6:00AM EST and secure that one first, unless you have another high priority FPP to obtain.

How many days out will 7DMT be for you? I was able to to get a late morning FP for 7DMT at 60+4.

Modifying 7DMT from an afternoon to a morning is possible, but certainly not easy or likely. If it’s that important, I would keep checking “modify” as much as possible. I would not count on being able to switch it.

Thanks, it would be 60+1 I believe. (We check into the hotel the day before, so that would be 60 days right? So 60+1 when we visit MK.)
Right now it’s showing a crowd level of 4 at MK for us.

Actually the more I think on it, I might skip this FP as I hate to have a 3rd FP out there as our last stop in the afternoon and prefer to get 3 earlier ones I can modify.
We are going back to MK on 60+5, but my parents are only joining us for the first 4 days of our trip so I wanted to do this ride when they were with us. Oh well, I guess they will miss out but at least we have a chance to ride it later in the trip.

Sounds like a good plan for you. You could try to RD it.

Yes, the day after you check-in to an onsite resort is 60+1.