Modifying ADR in MDE

When modifying ADR in MDE, can you change restaurant or only date/time?

It’s been 11 months so things might have changed, but I was able to change date/ time in MDE. I think if you change restaurants you are canceling and making a new ADR.


Date/Time/Number of people.


You can search for a new restaurant and when you select the time, if it overlaps with your current ADR at the other restaurant, it will ask you if you want to cancel that one and replace it with the new one.

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Thanks, All.
Probably won’t need to do, but thinking through scenario of how to modify an ADR the day of to avoid no show fee. Traveling at peak time so didn’t know how easy it would be to modify a popular restaurant to a different day then cancel. Guess I could pick any date, not one within my onsite stay. Worst case scenario would be modify to one person to minimize the charge.


Pretty sure that the only one you won’t be able to modify to another date would be Artist’s Point.