Modifying a touring plan when have a DAS pass

I’ve been playing around with the touring plans, evaluating and optimizng etc. Adding rest breaks, shows, attractions. But I will be traveling with one adult and one child that will have a DAS pass. Mainly for some anxiety and sensory issues that preclude being in a tight loud line for an extended period of time. 30 min would probably be the outside I would wish to push it unless the queue moves a lot and there are things to keep her attention on and not her anxiety in a new environment.
So the plan is to try to get there early to avoid a lot of the heat a bigger crowds/ take breaks on shady spots when she needs a breather. I’m not a fast walker, so while we will try to rope drop is, I can’t be packed waiting a long time in a tight crowd (see DAS reasons)so we will be hanging back, not racing
So how do I account for getting a DAS pass for an attraction, say Peter Pan, while we go around and maybe ride a shorter one like Winnie the pooh or Tea cups, and then circle back
Would I use the Fast Pass plan, even though we aren’t really fast passing?

Can you use a DAS to get a return time on shows like lion king in AK?

Where would you plan to go to watch the MK fireworks when you can’t stake out a place in a crowd for a long time ahead of time, I keep hoping the Dessert parties will start up again, would be perfect for my granddaughter, not real close, but a good view and not a lot of people crowding her and overwhelming her.

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In 2019 I had DAS, so this might be out dated. I marked things as FP on our plan. I went to the CM and asked to use the DAS. Lets say you want to ride Peter Pan just go up to the CM ask to use your DAS. They will give you a time to come back. Lets say the time is 10am you don’t have to be there at 10 you come back any time after 10 till park closes. So if you RD go to PP first and get your DAS you can then do what ever low wait rides you want and then have PP set as a FP an hour or two after RD. I’m not sure how DAS works for shows like Lion King but I would bet you can and it would work just the same as a ride. For MK fireworks we used the handicapped area.

thanks, I will give that a try!

Ok. Went back to plan, even watched the video. There isn’t a place to designate something as fast pass. I guess since they are discontinued for now they took it out of the program? I was working on the Animal Kingdom plan trying to personalize it. Usually I’m not this tech challenged with software. Has it been taken out, or am I just oblivious?

My “plan” is to go directly to Safari first thing, then go to Pandora to get a return time on FOP, while we maybe ride the Navi River ride or just go do some of the trails
We will probably spend a chuck of time at Rafifi’s conservation station and do animation activity.

I wonder if you could stop into guest services on your way into the park to pick up a your DAS for FOP?

Does AK have the guest services umbrellas around the park? I can’t remember back to 2018 well (and I don’t think we used the DAS much in AK).

I would hate for you to have to battle heavy Pandora crowds if you don’t have to.

It’s my understanding the way the DAS pass works is that that you go to the specific attraction and you ask the cast member at that attraction for a DAS return time, which is usually the posted standy by time less 10 minutes. It’s not a skip the line pass, it’s just a wait not inside the standby queue, and you can go anytime after that time, it’s not a be there a specific time or miss your chance thing.

The authorization of the pass is done at guest services just once per trip, you have to explain why you need the accommodation, ;(my granddaughter has some sensory/anxiety issues that I won’t detai)then I believe it’s loaded onto her magic band so they can scan it at the attraction. You can only have one at a time, you can get another once you either cancel or ride the first one.

FOP is the only “E” ticket ride we would try in AK, she’s really into animals; I wouldn’t be surprised if we spent most of our time on the trails or a repeat of safari. Avoiding the stampede at rope drop to Pandora is why wouldn’t try to get the pass until after we do the safari. Im still not sure about her riding it; it might be a little intense for her, but she’s has seen videos and is enamored of “getting to see how it would be to ride a dragon”( she has not seen Avatar). So I figure I can tell her to close her eyes for a breather, if it gets too much.

The DAS is just to make the experience less stressful for her, and make good memories; this is her first trip, she’s 8 years old, I haven’t been to Disney in over 8 years. Really looking forward to our granny and granddaughter trip.

I was just wondering why I couldn’t figure out how to use the online tool, maybe I was just trying to modify the wrong plan. Or I’m getting too old, and the clock on my VCR is flashing :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have used DAS in both DL and WDW for my son, although the last time was in 2018. He is similar to your granddaughter in that he has sensory and anxiety challenges. For many years I just carefully planned to not wait in long lines but as he got older (he is now 15yo) I realized that the DAS could be really helpful for him to have a more positive park experience.

You don’t always have to go all the way to each individual attraction to add something to your DAS. Many of the parks have additional Guest Experience Teams scattered throughout the park in addition to the main guest services location. They are stationed under umbrellas (the website says they are blue) and can help with lots of different issues, but the big one for us was DAS.

When you make your initial visit to guest services to obtain the DAS, make sure you ask them to mark the GET umbrella locations on your park map. It is FAR easier to visit the closest GET umbrella than to hike across the park multiple times…and you most definitely can also visit the main guest services location for them as wel (although the line may be longer there).

For AK, I would either visit the main location on your way into AK, or stop at the first blue umbrella team that you come across to get the DAS for FOP.

Thank you for the tips! I have not had to do this before, I appreciate the information!

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