Modify FPP+ from FEA to TT?

We have FP+ for FEA on Tuesday. I’ve been watching the wait times on the Lines app the last few days first thing in the morning and I’ve noticed that FEA seems to have shorter wait times than TT. Our plan was to RD TT, but now I’m wondering if we should RD FEA and modify our FP+ to TT. Thoughts?

If you do not mind the extra walk it is probably a good plan. Josh at easywdw recently said that TT is likely the better FP now. You also have the issue of TT going down more than occasionally. You could be waiting in line on standby and it shuts down. If it does that when you have a FP then you get a FP for later. If you were in standby you do not get that benefit.

I booked a FP for TT for September as a result.

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See you there! We’re planning to RD FEA, meet A&E then FP TT at 10:30 am next Tuesday.

TT is quite often down at RD so it’s a good choice for FP.

Thank you all!

There’s a TP video on YouTube where they test rope drop at all three Tier 1 rides to figure out which you should ride and you should FP.

They came up w/ TT because the probability of it being down is highest and the subsequent bonus FP will allow you tor ride it at your leisure later, or something else if it is still down.