Moderate resort recommendations?


So we visited the World last month and had such a good time that we are considering breaking our 'WDW every other year' pact and returning in February 2018. We stayed POR and liked it very much, but are interested in trying out other resorts just for fun. Any recommendations? It will be me, DH, DD5, and DS3. Prefer central location with decent bus service, as we spend most of our time in the parks or at ADRs at different resorts. I'm also going to reach out to MVT for pricing on some deluxe resorts, but moderates seem to be more realistic. TIA!


POFQ is brilliant.


POFQ is one of my most favorites!


It's actually the only resort we have stayed at, we usually get a villa offsite, but I loved it so much I never want to stay anywhere else again.


We've stayed at POR twice, and like you wanted to try something different this time. So we actually rented points from a DVC owner. We used one of the DVC rental brokers to obtain our room since it was the first time we ever did this. Worked fine, but it is a little more involved than just making reservations directly with Disney. Stayed at the Beach Club Villa in a deluxe studio villa, which is slightly bigger and a little nicer than the POR rooms we've stayed at previously. We paid roughly $75 a night more than what I recall POR cost, give or take. Still cheaper than any deluxe resort room we could get even with Disney's advertised specials. You have enough time before your trip to check this option further if you are so inclined. Otherwise POFQ is hard to beat. .


Thanks all. Sounds like POFQ is th clear winner. I have been looking into renting DVC points but I'm such a planner/change of planner that it would drive me crazy to not have full control of the resrvation. For now, my kids are little enough that we can comfortably stay in a standard room, but will probably need to go the suite/villa route eventually.


I rent DVC points not for suite but bc I can get 1st class (well, for Disney) accommodations at the pricing of the resorts a tier down. Also a control freak. Have found that when you first arrive, if you have particular areas, even fave rooms, you want, you can sort it with front desk person. BUT it can take 20 minutes. Good experiences with these guys: