Moderate? Pop Century? WWYD?

I like the Murphy bed. Do you?

I’ve never slept on it – I’m too tall. :slight_smile:

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Lol- I was thinking of the blue . Is it the green and the blue from the two sides of the resort?

We stayed in a Royal Room at POR, and my kids loved it! It’s very pretty and worth the price in my opinion. Love both POR and POFQ for the beautiful grounds and theming!

We just stayed in a refurbed POR room last week. We were in Building 17. The beds now have space underneath to store luggage which was a huge perk to us since we had several bags. Lots of USB plugs and very nice decor. They were working on a few other buildings nearby but noise didn’t bother us.


Not sure if this would be a factor, but aren’t the beds in the Pop, CSR, AoA, etc all doubles, with the beds in POR, mods and deluxes are queens? Has that changed? That might affect your decision.

That is no longer true. They have been replacing the double beds with Queen beds. All the beds (other than kings) at Pop and CSR are queen beds (I thought CSR always had queens?). AoA has doubles- I haven’t stayed there but never heard that?

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I recently stayed at POR. The beds appeared to be queen but they were weirdly high. Bathroom and room were very, very small. I booked pool view as it was all I could get. It was ground floor right opposite the kids pool and bright and so noisy (water noise) until very late. It was however close to reception. I couldn’t understand all the hype about the resort. It was OK but I’d try another resort next time.

Sorry I stayed POFQ!

I stayed at FQ last February and I wasn’t a fan, either.

If you can afford it, Port Orleans French Quarter!


@Danielle2507 what did you decide?

POFQ splash pad is cute. And the pool has a water slide. Resort is very small and compact - quick easy access to everything. We love it there. Oh, and a hot tub!

POP is a great value. No slide, no hot tub, and a large resort. We loved it there before we found POFQ.

I agree with @sallyshaffer - French Quarter if you can afford it!

How is transportation? I’ve read it’s bad and should only stay there if you rent a car?

Transportation at POFQ? We took the bus to MK during our visit. It was no problem at all. We didn’t have long waits for either departing or arriving. I can’t say the same for BC though!!