Mobile Orders - need to do far in advance like at WDW?

During previous trips to WDW, I always set up my mobile orders early in the day because time slots would fill up. Is this the case at DLR?

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I have found for most places that’s not necessary. You can usually get times that are within the hour, sometimes even immediate pick up times. Occasionally I’ve found a place or two that are 2 or more hours out. But that’s not the norm.



For Pym’s? Absolutely need to do it early.

For other places? Not so much. UNLESS you are wanting to eat at peak “normal meal” times. Then it can be a challenge for many places. Especially if the park is crowded.

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This. This is the exact advice I have. We like to eat at off-times anyways but on the rare occasions we have needed to eat at noon or 6-7pm it’s always a bear.

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