Mobile Ordering with Gift Card

Have they enabled paying with a gift card with mobile orders yet?

No. Just linked CC at the moment.

That said, you could still use mobile ordering, charge it to your room, and just pop by the front desk to put money from the gift card on your room account.

Still nothing to do for those who need allergy-friendly food with mobile ordering. :frowning:

Oh I’m so glad I saw this! We’re not staying onsite and I’m planning to use mobile ordering as much as possible. I guess I need to hold back on buying so many gift cards!

I completely missed this.

When I look at the app, I only see the card I have linked. How to I switch it to a room charge?

I did not know you can make it a room charge?

Oh, I thought you could charge to your room which would be the card on file anyway. I may have misunderstood and thought that when they started taking dining plan you could charge to the room also. I have allergies so it is not an option for me.

I think I’ve read that they’ve added DDP, but I’d love someone to confirm that?

No you can’t charge the room, it charges the card directly.

Yes @tate you can use the dining plan.

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Thanks. I guess I just figured it was the card on file - ergo the equivalent of charging to the room.

Anyone heard any new news about them adding the ability to use Gift Cards? I’m 30 days out with a full gift card to use for food!

No they haven’t added it.

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