Mobile ordering with dvc rental

We just added the ddp to our dvc rental and learned that it does not link to mde. Does this mean that we cannot use it to do mobile ordering while there?

What do you mean it does not link? It has to link- how would you use credits? It is part of your reservation number.

You may not see it on MDE, but it’s still linked to your reservation.

You can definitely use mobile ordering when renting DVC points. You won’t be able to see your credits until you check in, but once you do they’ll be visible in MDE.

Okay, thanks! I was thinking that they wouldn’t show up at all and we would have to keep the receipts to keep track of credits.

CAre you sure?

As a DVC owner, I’ve seen plenty of annoyed fellow DVCers complaining that the part of the app that allows you to track the credits on MDE doesn’t work for DVC reservations.

As far as I know, that is still the case. Someone tried to explain it, something to do with the tracker links to a MYW package, which DVC doesn’t have.

You can still use a dining plan, and each time you do the receipt will show the credits left. But you can’t see those credits left on MDE.

I thought mobile ordering required that “tracker app” to be enabled, to use it with a dining plan. In which case, you can still do mobile ordering but not using dining credits. You would have to use a credit / debit card instead.

Now I could be wrong, relatively few DVCers take out dining plans. But it was definitely an issue, and still is, as far as I know.

That is true of the being able to see the credits on MDE. It doesn’t work for DVC reservations. You can still use the dining plan though.

See my reply to @lecras about the mobile ordering part of your question.

We rented DVC points in March and did a dining plan. You cannot track points on the app, but are able to do mobile ordering (which I highly recommend). You can apply dining credits to orders and even mix and match dining credits and cash in the same order.

So you can use mobile ordering with dining plan credits? Just to be clear! :grinning:

That’s great news if you can. It’s a pain not to be able to track the credits though.

Yes - very seamless. It even prompts you when you haven’t ordered enough (i.e. need to add additional drinks).


Oh that’s awesome!

If you can’t track your credits on MDE, I would just take a pic of the most recent receipt with your phone and then delete when you add the next one. That way you are not having to keep track of bits of paper.