Mobile Ordering Timeframes?

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Headed to the World in a couple weeks. If you want to use mobile ordering, do you still have to order your lunch food at like 8AM in order to get a reasonable return window, or has that sort of subsided?

Want to get lunch at a few places, but don’t want to order at 11 only to find out I can’t pick up until 4…



If you want to eat at more traditional times of noon or 5pm then I’d recommend ordering early. If you wait to order closer to noon you may have to wait more than an hour to get a pick up time. That’s been my recent experience.


Certain places you certainly need to order early. Like Woody’s Lunchbox. I just watch the times to gauge whether I should order early or not.

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Satu’li is probably one that needs watching the times as well.

You can always just get in a traditional line and order the regular way… like before MO… and then the time doesn’t matter.

Though sometimes that line is 30+ minutes long.

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yep, but I’ve gone on to MO and not been able to get a pickup time for over 90 min… so the physical line was a better option


Yeah - it definitely just depends.

One advantage of being solo is I pretty much know what I want to eat and around when (like AK will always be Satu’li for me) so it’s easier to go ahead and order in advance. If I’m neutral on where I want to eat (like MK), I’ll just hold off on ordering and see what is available close to when I’m thinking I might be hungry. If there’s nothing I want in a reasonable time frame, I’ll either get a snack OR head to Contempo Cafe or Capt Cooks.


and… I get to pick what I want :laughing:


Oh that goes without saying! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Second week of May, we tried to get our order placed around 9:30-10 am for pickup windows of 11 or 11:30. We never had a problem getting a window anywhere at this time. Probably could have waited even closer to our desired pickup to order but I would just do it when we were stopped or in a line and could have a chance to let everyone look at the menu.
Crowd levels (as reported after the fact by TP) were between 5-7 each day I think? We try to eat on the earlier side.

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So this is new. How long are the windows? This is just more planning you have to do to try and figure out when the best time to get your food would be.

Just reading this at 12:40 eastern time ( prime lunchtime). I went to MDE and most QS locations were immediately available, a few were available in 10-20 minutes from now. Only Woodys and the new Connections at EPCOT were over an hour out for MO availability

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Does this work like LLs where you can only select the next available time and don’t get to choose?

No, however there are a limited number of available slots per hour, so, if everyone wants to eat between 12 and 1 for lunch, those slots can fill up at popular places…

Sounds like it hasn’t been a big problem lately…

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It works more like Table Service ADR. There are half hour time slots that you can select when you would like to eat. There are limits to how many folks can order in that half hour slot so it’s possible that a popular time slot later in the day could fill up

Thanks. When I look in the app I’m just seeing one time slot and no option to change it. Maybe I have to have a linked ticket or go through the order. That’s why I was confused.

When I look at MDE it gives me the first available time slot and immediate right of it a second box marked “More times”. Clicking on the box gives you the option to pick your time slot

Then you can scroll left or right to pick your time after you select more times

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Are you in the app or website? This is what the app shows me?

App on iPhone just now

Once you select a time the order options show.

But there are definitely options.

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