Mobile Ordering Question

So I finally downloaded the MDE app (and the Lines app) to my phone. I figured that would give me a month to get used to it before we head to WDW.

Was playing with the mobile ordering to see how it works. I understand that you can use the dining plan now but it only gave me the option to use a credit card. I’m hoping that is because my stay has not started yet so I don’t have any dining credits. Am I right? Will the option to use dining credits become available once we check in? Thanks for the help.

Also, it still has my old credit card saved in the app. Will I be able to change that easily?

You can go into Disney experience and change your card details, the other questions I’m interested in too

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Have you changed your credit card in your MDE profile?

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I just did that now! Didn’t realize it was possible before. I also managed to change our PIN number. Surprised it didn’t need me to know the old PIN. Will the new PIN be the one we use with our magic bands now?

Also, still wondering about the dining plan credits.

Yes, the new pin is the one with your MBs. You do not have any dining credits to use today. They are bundled in your package and are available on check in day.

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Not all mobile ordering take DP we went to Flame Tree and they only took credit cards for mobile ordering. We had to wait in line to order I think from start to finish we were there 10 min if that. I did mobile ordering at restaurantosaurus and we still waited 20 min to pick up our food but the line to just order was at least 30 min so we saved time. Mobile ordering is still new and not all QS use it but I think it is still rolling out. Someday I think all QS will have this option or at least I hope so.

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Flame Tree is now on the list:

Yes but 3 weeks ago you could not use DP with the mobile ordering only credit card at flame tree. So to use DP I had to wait in line at Flame Tree. Reasrantasuoris I used DP with the mobile ordering with no problem.

There have been many glitches.

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