Mobile Ordering Payment Questions

I have a trip coming up in a few weeks (COVID-willing), and have a few questions about mobile ordering payments that I haven’t seen answers for since Disney starting requiring (for the most part) mobile-ordering post-pandemic.

  1. Are discounts now applied to mobile orders where eligible (Annual Pass/DVC)? I know pre-pandemic (or at least when mobile ordering was first being rolled out) discounts weren’t applied through mobile order and you would have to order in person for any discounts to apply.

  2. What payment options are available? Can you do a room charge? Can you add a Disney Visa Rewards Redemption Charge to the account? In the past, we would charge everything to our room and then visit the front desk to pay off the charges with our rewards dollars, but I’m not sure if this would be an option with mobile ordering.

Hmm. I’m not aware of any places you mobile order that accept the AP/DVC discounts to begin with, so whether they are applied or not is moot.

Yes. I used my Disney Visa rewards in Mobile order. But here’s the annoying bit. When you go to add the card (same with gift cards), despite it saying “Save”, it doesn’t actually save it for a future order, unlike a credit card…so you have to manually re-enter the number each and every time you want to use the card. (I recommend making a note elsewhere on your phone with the number so that you can copy/paste the number into the proper field each time.)

As far as I’m aware, you cannot charge to your room using mobile order…but I honestly never tried. I just don’t recall seeing a way.

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Great, thank you!

I have my payment saved in MDE and it’s the same that I would use for room charges. Mobile ordering has always been so easy. I’ve used it for many many visit as soon as it became available.

I think the difference is that when you mobile order, it immediately charges to the credit card on file. So if you wanted to pay off the room charges using a gift card or rewards care BEFORE it is actually charged to the credit card on file, you can do so if you use your MB to pay. If you do it in the app, it immediately goes to the credit card and you can’t then pay off that charge using gift cards, etc.

So, you do need to ensure you put in your gift card or rewards card information first so it is charged using Mobile order FIRST.