Mobile Ordering Now Available with DDP


I am very excited about this.


Yes, I just did one for Lunch at BOG for the 2nd of March. You can make them 30 days out and use either credit card or DDP. Was kind of bummed to find you don’t get a desert at BOG using the DDP but I guess I don’t need the extra calories anyhow. :grimacing:

BOG has had order-ahead since they started taking ADRs. It’s different from mobile ordering.

So is this mobile ordering take out or something? How are they different?

They are similar, but mobile ordering can only be done on your app - and it’s charged then and there. I don’t really know how it works at Disney because they don’t have it set up for people with food allergies to use. I assume it’s similar to Starbucks’ version which I use all the time here in NYC . Basically I put in my order when I’m close to the cafe and pay for it using my gift card and it’s in a special area waiting - or very close to being done - when I get there. (Or I’ve been known to use it IN the store if the line is extra long and/or extra slow.)

BOG you CAN pre-order if you have food allergies as the allergy menu is loaded into the system (and you can do it on your computer 30 days in advance). You are directed to a shorter line, but you don’t pay until you are there and have verified your order.